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Article from local newspaper February1901

OBITUARY.- Downing.- Feb. 7th, at The Lodge, Burton Latimer, Martha Wiggins Downing, 68

It is with much regret that we announce the death, at the ripe age of 68, Mrs Martha Wiggins Downing, wife of Mr. Alfred Downing, The Lodge, Burton Latimer. The cause of death was certified by Dr. Burland as fatty degeneration of the heart. Amid many signs of mourning, the remains were laid to rest in Burton Churchyard on Monday last. The Rev. H. Priestland officiated. The chief mourners were Mr. Alfred Downing, widower; Messrs. Frank, Fred and Arthur Downing sons; Mrs. W. A. Wallis, Misses Pollie, Emmie and Alice Downing, daughters; Mr. T. Stokes, Kettering, brother; Mrs. Garton, Wellingborough, and Mrs. A. York, Rothwell, sisters ; Mr. W. A. Wallis, London, son-in-law; Mrs. F. Downing, Northampton, and Mrs. A. Downing, Finedon, daughters-in-law; Miss C. Gardner, Northampton, and Miss F. Downing, Burton Latimer, nieces; and Mr. Turnball, Scotland. The wreaths bore the following cards: “From her loving husband and children;” “With fondest love from Will, Ellen, and children, London :” “From very old friends, Mr. and Mrs. Wright Hill, Finedon;” “From Clara Gardner, Christopher and Dorothea;” “Byron R. Simpson, Northampton.”

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