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Research by Douglas Ashby, transcribed by Margaret Craddock
Extracts from Burial Registers




15 November 1600

BAXTER, Woolston

(gent) being in good health the 15 November.  Till towards the evening of the same day suddenly before six of the clock that night departed this life being in health and dead in a quarter of an hour.

31 November (?)

BENNET, Thomas

(a poore lame man who was kept of the parish).

22 July 1603

DOWNING, Botulph

(yeoman) one of the Feoffees of Burton School going down to the river to wash him was then and there drowned in a pytte a little above Christian pool – the Lord give us grace to make use of his death that we may be ready when God calls for us.

23 February 1608

BARTLE, Robert

(common beggar) about whom being dead was found the summe of sixteene pounds, tenne shillings and odd money.

18 June 1614

PELL, Richard

(husbandman) being found by a Jury to be casually killed by a carte and teame of his own travelling by the highwayside in the night season within the Islippe Field.

7 December 1643


found drowned in William Dickes, his weel.

26 June 1650


of Wittlesey who was slain by accident with a payre of wheeles coming upon the rode in from the corner neare the Wold.

27 October 1657


a blinde man who lived upon alms.

8 November 1685

LEIGH, Frances

wife of William being excommunicate was interred without Xtian buryall.

8 July 1695

ROBINSON, Elizabeth

late wife of Henry (yeoman) ia a preacher and ring leader of the sect called Anabaptists.

13 November 1696


A welsh drover who died at the Parsons at the Coach & Horses.

19 October 1703

HALL, Thomas

dissenter – one of Mr Davies congregation, came to an unfortunate end by having a great deal of earth falling on him as he was digging a pitt at Burton

7 December 1706


an ancient widow.

22 February 1706/7



5 December 1708


A travelling man who went about with a poppit show – he died at James Barnets at the sign of the Coach & Horses.

7 February 1708/9

HALL, John

a distracted person who drowned himself in a well.

9 September 1709


a very necessary painstaking woman – much lamented

30 November 1710

SHARP, Roger

a very ancient man.  He died in his sleep without any sickness.  In the scriptural phrase “He fell asleep.”

Jan 1710/11


a child of Francis – called Henry was buried with the burial of an ass.

14 March 1711

PAINE, Thomas

infant son of John and Frances – to their great grief.

7 July 1712


a mungrill quaker, at the quaker’s burial place, where there was a funeral ovation or sermon made by one of their persuasion of three hours long.

7 September 1712

ALLEN, James

a child of about 9 years of age who died of a quinsy in the throat.

6 March 1712

BROWN, William

the oldest man in the parish.  He was snatched away in a convulsive fit in the 80 of his age.  And from unprepared death good Lord deliver us.

21 December 1713


who being ignorant of distemper that she was afflicted with viz the smallpox – died of it.

8 August 1714

WOOTON, Rebecca

daughter of my tenant William & Ann was a child of great hopes, but was alas snatched away before she was 5 years of age

28 August 1714

HOMES, William

a mopeish person having underwent a lingering distemper for sometime before he died.

22 October 1714


relict of the Rev Mr Edward Chisselldine, who married him purely for his means, so that whatever thought it ended in a fatal catastrophe to them both.  She was buried the 22nd Oct having been in a languishing condition for several years

23 Jan 1714/15


unbaptised child of Edward – called James, buried with the burial of an ass.

15 March 1714/15


an Anabaptist preacher.  He was desirous to be buried in the church who all his lifetime never came to serve God in that orthodox manner as established by law, and for that reason was buried in the churchyard and without having the burial service read at his grave.

3 June 1715


she was about 16 years of age and was very much abused by her unnatural father which – tis thought – hastened her end.

5 July 1715

WOOD, William

he had been formally a very substantial farmer in our parish, but died in great poverty and want, though he had several rich and substantial relations able to have assisted him in his wants and last sickness

26 December 1715

DAY, Ann

wife of William – having been lately brought to bed catched cold in her lying inn, which fell into her legg, under which she lay languishing till at length she died in a very sad condition.

3 June 1716

BASFORD, Charles

(bastard) son of a travelling woman a person of about three and twenty years of age dyeing suddenly

8 September 1718

GARTON, Thomas

(shepherd) the oldest man in my parish.  He was a mongrill quaker, commonly Muggletonians.

17 January 1732

DICKINSON, Edmund Bacon

of Newark in the Co of Nottingham was buried in the chancel with his ancestors the family of the Bacons, in Linnen.  Mem: That the use of Linnen in which the said Mr Dickenson was buried being forbid by Act of Parliament, the penalty incurred was paid and distributed as the case directed.

12 July 1733

PAINE, Benjamin

a youth (son of Frances widow) unfortunately killed by the kick of a horse.

12 November 1734

LOVELL (senr), William

who died suddenly as he was drawing beer.

7 February 1753


A poor traveller found dead in ye field belonging to this parish.

On the back cover of the Burial Register for 1813-1860 is written this inscription:

“These all are gone: their little day is o’er,

They laugh, they weep, they sport, they toil – no more,

Their feet are still, and others in their room

With busy step are passing to the tomb.

We, in our turn, to others shall give place,

And others yet come forth to run the race:

And yet that race by others shall be run

Till time is over and the world is done.”

John Kitchener, Curate of Biddenham, occasionally officiating here in 1821

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