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Janet Meads 2008

Memorandum to the
1630 Churchwardens Accounts


Memorandum: That the accompts of Richard Welford & William Hall Churchwardens for the year 1628 remain in the Church chest in loose papers having bene omitted to be methodically entered into this Book But as it appeares under the hands of Doctor Owen, Mr. Tho. Bacon, Humfry Ashton, Lawrence Eare and John Lane; that accompt was taken and approved the seaventh daie of April 1629. Soe that it is agreed; that these Churchwardens shalbe no further questioned, but that accompt continued & admitted accordinglie; But it is ordered that noe accompt of anie Churchwardens be hereafter allowed unles it, or the whole substance thereof be first entered into this Book to remaine for a publique record and to be delivered together with the rest of the Church goods to the charge of the Churchwardens, from Churchwarden to Churchwarden successively. And it is further ordered that all the records now founde in the Church chest; and also the Registers of the Parish, shalbe safe kept under three lockes and keys, wherof one to remaine with the Minister and the other two with the Churchwardens (vizt) with either of them  according to the Cannon. Nor are anie publique records to be carryed out of the Church, nor lent abroad to anie private person, without a publique order and consent under the hands of the Minister, Churchwardens and parishioners first had and obtayned.                      

Signed by:

Rob: Sybthorpe Rect.  Thomas Bacon.   Tho. Baxter.  Jo. Ellyot.  Geo. Plowright. John Burrisse. Thomas Sharman. William Richardson. The marks of Stephen Brawnston, Michael Pell, Edmond Edy and William Vickars

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