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Transcribed by Sally Crane from newspaper cutting dated June 1962

Takings at fete will top £110

A  Garden in Burton Latimer took on a festive air on Saturday when it was used to stage the Burton Latimer Parish Church garden fete.

The garden of “Fern Bank” Church Lane, belongs to Mr. J. R. Loake, rector’s warden, and Mrs. Loake, lies just near the church, the restoration of which will be partly financed from the fete proceeds which amounted to £110 after a preliminary count-up of the takings with still more money to come in.

All the church organisations were represented at the fete, and ran many stalls and sideshows.  Burton Latimer Boy Scouts and Girl Guides also helped, and the Brownies put on a display of dancing.

Introducing Mrs. Loake, who opened the fete, the rector, the Rev. R. W. Sharpley, described the garden as “a perfect paradise”.

He said that a great deal of money had been spent on restoring the parish church, repairing the roof and the walls, but he emphasised that there was still a great deal to be done.

He added that the fete was “not only an occasion to raise money but an occasion to meet together and enjoy fellowship”.

Mrs. Loake told the large audience that “a lot of hard work has been going on for a long time.”

Mrs. A. P. Kingsley thanked Mrs. Loake, and Mrs. M. V. O. Gardner chairman of Burton Latimer Urban Council, also spoke.

Burton Latimer Church Army captain, Mr. J. Deniss, made the announcements.  A bouquet of flowers was presented to Mrs. Loake by Miss Elizabeth Baker, and buttonholes were presented to other members of the platform party by Miss Marion Smith and Miss Pamela Talbot.

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