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The Mission Room
Closure 1967 - The Rector's Letter


My dear Friends

As you have heard by now, Evensong at the Mission Room will be discontinued as from Advent Sunday to enable the whole Anglican congregation to worship together with their Parish Priest.  Members of the congregation who came to my Institution will remember that the Bishop committed to my care ‘the cure of souls of this Parish’ and it has been very worrying that I have not been able to fulfil the obligation laid upon me as Incumbent to part of my congregation.  To have two evening services taking place at the same hour has meant that it has been impossible for me to get to the Mission Room.  As I explained to the Mission Room Committee I cannot fight a battle for the Christian Faith on two fronts.  If, as I believe, God has called me to lead the Parish forward in the next stage of its life in Burton Latimer, to let the situation at the Mission Room remain as it is will simply mean that the congregation there will mark time.

First and foremost I believe that the congregation should worship together as a family being part of the Family of God, and to have families divided by two buildings just does not seem right.  My other concern is for the young people who wish to be prepared for Confirmation.  Part of their preparation is their worshipping together at the Parish Church as they are introduced to the Liturgical Worship of the Church and a deepening of their understanding of the Christian Faith.

I am inviting the Mission Room Choir to join the Parish Church Choir at all Sunday morning services and I have offered Mr  Philip Mason the post of Assistant Organist.  The Wardens at the Mission Room are to become Deputy Wardens at the Parish Church, and the Sidesmen will join the Parish Church rota.  Transport will be arranged to enable the older members of the congregation to get to the Parish Church each week.  Family Nights will continue, but on a Parochial basis.  I want the Parish to go forward as one unit, and for a united congregation to lead the way.

The Sunday School for the Parish will continue to be centred at the Mission Room, but the children and young people will be coming to the Parish Church each month for the Family Service which I plan to introduce in the New Year.

I know and appreciate all that has been done at the Mission Room over the years, but looking to the future it is together that we go forward to build up the life of the Church in Burton Latimer.

Yours sincerely

Derek Hole

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