Article taken from local newspaper dated August 1969
Former Rector of Burton left £42,000

The Rev. Ronald Williamson Sharpley, of the Old Rectory, Little Oakley, Rector of Burton Latimer for thirty years until he retired in 1967, who died on April 7, aged 71, left £43.304 gross, £42,109 net. Duty £10.223.

He left: his Lordship of the Manor of Sutton, Surrey, to his nephew R. Lamplugh and £350 to the Sutton and Cheam Society "for the maintenance of Manorial Award instituted by me."  £50 for general church purposes in the parish of Burton Latimer.  £50 to the Clergy Friendly Society.  £350 in gratitude for his eight Years of service to Peter L. Craddock.  £100 each, for their help in the garden, to Peter J. Coleman and Christopher J. Watson.  £100 to his housekeeper Mrs. H. G. Capps.  £100 “for all her kindness" to housekeeper Mrs. Zella A. Aveling. £50 to James Aveling and £25 each to James Aveling junior and John Aveling. £50 "for all her kindness" to Mary Swain. £50 to his gardener W. J. Downing, or his widow, and other personal legacies totalling £405.