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Burton Latimer
 May 20th 1639


I sent you a letter on ffriday by Smythe and this now by Sympson in the former I did and in this I earnestly doe, deire you that you would be pleased to looke up that Instrument, and let me have it, the surrender whereof may procure Mr. Birds qualificacion to be sealed; Of which although (as you wright) perhaps there may be noe present use for that which you projected, yet have I a desire to macke some use of it in the  meane time; you know our Bishops visitacion draweth on shortly after Whitsontide, and I would have Mr. Birde admitted before, that soe he might attende him then, although it be at my charges, and although it be but for the Lustre of it, (as Mr. Barker was wont to say,) especially in our Country where notice might be taken, that our Sonne in Law, a Master of Arts, was a Chaplaine aswell as Mr Bacons Brother in Law, who is but a Bachelor of Arts, yet I can tell you the Tytle of Chaplaine goes farr, and mackes a great noise amongst us, and this way would partly still the Cry, I pray you therefore let us have your favor to furnish us for the purpose; I am loth to be thought unmannerly or importunate, but you know Mr. Trews importunity, and let me say some of his and our friends upon me, you alsoe know his Relacion, and how long it hath bene, and withall how willingly, if it were in my power, I would have him provided for, if it were but to avoide the misinterpretacion of the Worlde, who impute it not to any errors in him but to Averseres in us, that nothing is done for him; Might it therefore please you (since at this time I finde the Voague of Northampton runs currant still that he is designed for St. Giles,) might it please you I say (if it crosse not your Designes) to macke good their reports, and let them for this once prove prophets you may it seemes give good satisfacion to those people, please Besse Alleyn, who is my grand Mistress of that Parish, and satisfie her Husband, who is Lord Paramount, (in Causes Eclesiasticall especially) and the sole Judge of Sermons there, and I presume Mr. Trew will carry himselfe like such a Reverend Rabbie as noe Vicar in the Towne shall take more gravity; and he hath even learning enough for that Company except Mr. Thorne bring more with him which if he doe, I thincke he will have discretion enough not to scorne to macke use of some of it, and of his friendship, if you will vouchsafe him to be his Neighbour, Soe submitting all to your wisdome and pleasure I with my prayers rest.

At your service

Rob: Sybthorpe

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