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Burton Latimer
May 30th 1639

Copie of my letter to Sir Roland St. John etc.

Honoured Sir

I understand by a letter from Sir John Lambe that you are offended with me because (as you conceive  or are informed) I certified against you to the Righ Honourable the Lords of his Majesties most Honourable Privy Councell; I am sorry that you should conceive any such cause against me, yet glad that you are pleased soe farr to expresse your selfe as that I may give some answer for my selfe which is this. All the Certificate which I made to the Lords, I send a copie of inclosed, as alsoe a copie of their Order whereupon it was grounded. In which I hope I have neither touched upon, nor trenched at you (that I may not say I refused to doe soe, being requested,) and soe much I beseech you be pleased to be perswaded of him, who hath bene, and will be, the honourer of your worth, and ever ready to be comaunded.

At your service

Rob: Sybthorpe

If you please that I shall waite upon you to give any further
satisfacion concerning any particular, I will be ready whensoever
you appoint.

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