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Burton Latimer
 June 14th 1639


My man is retourned and hath tolde me how the poore man sped at the last, for whitch I thancke you, and soe I perceive doth he, and I pray (as he doth,) for our good friend etc., And I alsoe pray that his Majestie may finde those who have found favor, more forward to doe Service, then I know some have bene, for if those who have done it sincearily suffer soe I doubt others who would doe it willingly will be afraide and if wrighting the trueth to a private friend (being unawares published) only with an eye to his Majesties Service in a matter of such importance cost me soe deare (or els I must suffer an innocent to seeme to suffer for my sacke,) I will save it out in Inke and paper, or in Expences of soe dilligent attending and observing such services hereafter; and decline as well as I can their furie and violence whose greatnes (not the goodnes of their cause) I finde to be too forcible for me, But perhaps now is their hower etc., God send this Glasse soone runn, least this be but the beginning, and preface to further projects, from which the Lord preserve us, I sent to you Copies of Certificates, and desired you to remember that busines on the other side, least I have an underhand tricke put upon me there, for I understand the Gent hath bene about London all this Whitsontide, and I know the mindes of such men; nor doe they want meanes, I pray you therefore be not unmindfull of it.

As concerning Richard Lucas, his mother (now Mrs Ellyot a widdow) confesseth (as my man tells me) that there was 10li due to him, but withall she sayth that she hath payde it, how truely she sayth soe, I know not. If you please, Mr. Alleyn may macke tryall, for it was a legacy from Lucas his ffather this is all which I know or can learn in that point. Soe with my prayers I rest;

At your service

Rob: Sybthorpe


If you please to wright I pray you be  pleased to send upon Munday by Brackley Carryer who lodgeth at the Sarracens Head in Carter Lane, for I intend God willing to go then to Brackley and to stay there about a fortnight, till the 2 or 3d of July.

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