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Burton Latimer
April 27th 1639

This bearer Mr. Whineats, one of the principall Defendants against Vincent Olliver, hath shewed me the copie of an Award made in that case by Arbetrators indifferently elected by mutual consent soe farr as lawfully they might on my knowledge, I beleive that the copie which he sheweth me is true, and that he would not for his Credits sake delude with a false informacion, but that they have performed it as is directed; Let me therefore intreate you to give way and soe farr as lawfully you may to further, that the busines may be dismissed, The men I verily perswade my selfe will be wiser hereafter; and although they were not without fault, yet it seemed to me, when I was upon discovery of the Carryage that some unconstancy in those who had power in those parts spurred these men on with an opinion that they had not bene soe farr out of the way as they were, and therefore may pleade for the more pittie; The Promotor I thincke will be noe great looser St. Pauls will be a moderate gayner and it is pittie that they should be undone, nor doe you I know delight in soe doeinge:Reformacion is the ende, and that is well begun, and promised to be speedily perfected, to your favor therefore I leave them and taking my leave rest.

At your service
Rob: Sybthorpe

My man tells me that Mr. Crompton tolde him at the
Letter Sessions at Northampton of this Agreement
and intended to tell me but it seemes other busines
put it out howsoever it should appeare by that to be
reall, and soe I pray you approve of it.

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