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Burton Latimer
     May 6th 1639


I received your letters and shall answer the perticulers this day at better leasure for this bearer Mr. Ekins is in hast, as men are who ride about a Benefice. His journey now is to purchase the perpetualll Advouson of Barton, one of the last things which is lefte to sell, wherein if it please you to purchase him your directions for safe proceedings, I assure my selfe you shall not doe it for an unthanckfull man and I finde him an honest neighbour; I sent letters the last weeke by Smyth, one to your selfe another to the Constable both inclosed in a letter to Cozen Robert Aylett, who I understand is out of Towne, I pray you therefore be pleased to call for his letter and open it, take your owne, and if you please you may looke upon the Constables, but I pray you retourne that to me safely by the next opportunity, for he is heare now and will not neede that, and I would not have it come to any other hands, So with my prayers I rest.

At your service

Rob: Sybthorpe

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