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Burton Latimer
May 10th 1639


I am put to some exigent for procuring a Qualificacion for Mr. Bird, ffor our Brackley Vicount Wenmans honor is Irish, and soe cannot Qualifie in England, The Earle of Peterborough hath some supernumerare already, and soe cannot profit him. The other Lord neere us, hath all the Country for his Chaplaines, and the young Lord Spencer is soe followed, with his ffathers Lorde followers, as that, more then Tytle, there is no good to be obtained, which drove me at the last, (although doubtingly,) to our Diocesan, from whom I retourne to the first mover, vizt. your selfe who as the great primus motor, must give both matter and forme, The Bishop is willing, and (as you may perceive by his letter which I send inclosed,) by your leave will be inabled to grant my request, which I beseech you grant him licence to do, and I assure my selfe you will be ready to doe it, by sending to me that Qualificacion (of which he wrightes) that he left in your hands for Mr. Hill, but was made noe use of, that soe I may surrender it and tender another for Mr. Birde which in due time by your favour he may make use of, Soe shall you pleasure one kinsman with that which another needed not, and provide for book successively, and seemingly gratifie his Lordship, whilst he gratifieth your freinds; Thus you see how all depends upon you, for which we shall be willing to be serviceable, to you; And soe with my wifes love to your selfe and Cozen Barbara (whom she had hoped should have done this favor before now els had we put upon the Bishop sooner) and with my prayers for you both, I rest

At your service,

Rob: Sybthorpe


Since the wrighting hereof, I received yours by Thingdon Carryer and I thank you for your care of Mr. Birde, whom if I had not thought ready to receive freinds favors, I would not have bene soe solicitous about him as the above written importeth, But I thancke God I heare well of him; I know there are good things in him, and I hope he is a fitt subject for further good to be done for him, for I may tell you he is reported to be tourned great husband, which was the only hasard that could be suspected. That you will be mindfull of me concerning that worshipful Gent whom the Country Idoles, and the Idol which he is seting up, the Curate etc.

I hartily thancke you and shall give you farther notice if I finde farther annoyance. ffor Kettering; I desire that they who were  a Colde may blow that Coale, least too much fier be about my ears.

ffor the Constable, he is retourned and by this time you know his proofes, and I desier as in my three last letters, that the letter to him inclosed in Cozen Aylets which came in his absence may be safely retourned to me.

The Lord blesse his Majestie and our freinds under him for I little hope of any remorse in those men who are poisoned with such posicion and seduced by such practices, Lord tourne all things to the best , setle peace there and keepe it heere. Your letter to Cozen Hill shall be sent with safety and ****.  

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