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From the Northampton Mercury 4 August 1905 transcribed by John Meads 2019
Highway Robbery at Burton Latimer

Thomas Ambler

HIGHWAY ROBBERY AT BURTON LATIMER - Northampton Mercury 4th August 1905

A somewhat serious affray is reported from Burton Latimer, Mr. Thomas Ambler, a member of the Burton Latimer Parish Council, being waylaid by two men and severely illtreated, besides losing a sum of money. It appears that following his usual custom, Mr. Ambler, who is a retired coal merchant, about 60 years of age, had been round the parish on Saturday collecting his weekly rents. He left for his home, situated in Polewell Lane, about a mile from the parish, shortly after two o'clock. After turning in to Polewell-lane - a narrow and lonely road leading from Burton Latimer to Barton Seagrave - Mr. Ambler was accosted by two men. The fact that the victim of the outrage was known to his assailants is evidenced by their calling Mr. Ambler by his name and wishing him "Good night." Mr. Ambler returned the customary salutation, whereupon one of the men retorted, "Now we have got you," and at once struck Mr. Ambler a violent blow in the face, knocking him to the ground. In consequence of his advanced years, Mr. Ambler was unable to offer any stout resistance, but realising that the object of the men was apparently to rob him, he managed to pull his purse from his pocket and strew the contents on the grass at the roadside. The action, however, was noticed, and the men having made a hasty scramble for as much money as they could get promptly bolted. Although bleeding and exhausted, Mr. Ambler managed to reach his home, a quarter of a mile away, and as soon as possible he was driven back to Burton Latimer, where his injuries were midically attended, the injuries consisted of a jagged cut on the back of his head, a cut on the chin, and a discolouration of the eye. P.C. Beale was at once informed and a search was made at the spot where the assault was committed. Only 7s. 3d. of the 30s. which Mr. Ambler had in his possession and the key to his safe were found. The police are prosecuting inquiries, but so far no arrest has been made.

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