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Article from Sheffield Independent 15 July 1936

Gladys Conquest Joan Randall
Gladys Conquest - an attendant to
the 1938 Gala Queen
Joan Randall - a contestant in the
1934 competition to chose a queen


Springing from hedges in lonely lanes, or using a bicycle to pursue intended victims, the “terror man” of Kettering is at large again.

Girls are afraid to venture out alone, and male escorts are at a premium in the district.

One girl was attacked at Earls Barton recently. She was slashed with a knife or razor.

Now three girl cyclists have been attacked at Burton Latimer. Always he chooses young and pretty girls.

Traps have been laid carefully for the “terror man” but he steers clear. Police have searched the Kettering district but the “terror man” leaves no clues.


Gladys Conquest, of Station Road, and Joan Randall, of Pioneer Avenue, Burton Latimer, were cycling home along Polwell Lane, last night, when a man on a cycle overtook them.

He cycled in front of them, trying to knock them from their machines. Screaming, the girls managed to escape.

Earlier in the day Sylvia Abbott, of Cranford, again youthful and pretty was cycling to work when a man leaped from a hedge.

He wore a black cap pulled low over his eyes and stood in the girl’s path waving his arms. Miss Abbott, however, put on speed, swerved found the man, and escaped.

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