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John Meads 2015

The Horse & Groom Inn
The Horse & Groom Inn, Bakehouse Lane, scene of the meeting
of the Burton Latimer Association for the Prosecution of Felons
in 1837. The photograph was taken in the early 1900s

In the 18th and early 19th centuries, before the creation of a national police force, rural communities formed mutual subscription societies to prosecute criminals. These evolved out of resolutions passed at parish vestry meetings to prosecute felons out of the public purse.
Money raised from members' subscriptions was used to pay for information that would lead to the arrest of the wrong-doers. Printed handbills declaring the intentions of such bodies and offering rewards for information leading to an arrest were posted in public places and notices of meetings were published in newspapers. The notice below was published in the Northampton Mercury in November 1837

Note the 19th century spelling of Lattimer, with two 'T's throughout

For Prosecution of Felons
Notice is hereby given, That the Third ANNUAL
MEETING of the Members of this Association, will be
MER, in the County of Northampton, on THURSDAY, the 30th
day of NOVEMBER Instant, at Eleven o'clock in the forenoon
when and where the several Members are requested to pay
their Annual Subscriptions.
Any person residing within ten miles of Burton Lattimer,
and being desirous of becoming Members of this Association,
are requested to attend at the said Meeting, in order to their
being elected by a majority of the Members then present.
The following are the present Members of the Association.

No occupations were given, but, where known, they have been
added here in brackets in the third column. Richard Ashness was
listed as treasurer, it is thought he was a financier. He lived
in the house later known as The Poplars, High Street
Ashness, Richard, Esq. Burton Lattimer Treasurer
Blencowe, V., Esq. Burton Lattimer [Gent.]
Burnaby, Mr. Thos Pipewell Hall [Farmer and landowner]
Bucknill, Mr. E.R. Burton Lattimer [Farmer]
Buckby, Mr. R. Burton Lattimer [Blacksmith]
Clarke, Mr. J. Burton Mills [Carpet manufacturer]
Collins, Mr. T. Burton Lattimer [Butcher/Publican]
Compton, Mr. Chas. Burton Lattimer [Miller]
Dale, Mr. John Burton Lattimer [Carpenter]
Downing, Mr. Thos. Burton Lattimer [Farmer]
Eady, Mr. John Burton Lattimer [Farmer]
Eady, Mr. Thos. Burton Lattimer [Miller]
Eady, Mr. E. Burton Lattimer [Farmer]
Glover, Mr. John Burton Lattimer [Carpenter]
Grimshawe, Rev. T.S. Burton Lattimer [Rector]
Haddon, Mr. H. Burton Lattimer [Farmer]
Harper, Rev. Latr. Burton Lattimer [Landowner]
Harper, John, Esq. Isham [Landowner]
Hanbury, Rev. Wm. Church Langton [Landowner]
Miller, Mr. D. Burton Lattimer [Baker]
Miller, Mr. Benj. Burton Lattimer [Dealer]
Murphy, Mr. Wellingborough Solicitor
Nichols, Mr. H. Burton Lattimer
Oswin, Mr. Edw. Burton Lattimer [Shopkeeper]
Owen, Mr. H.W. Irthlingborough [Surgeon]
Robinson, Mr. Josh. Rushden [Corn dealer]
Stokes, Mr. John Burton Lattimer [Farmer]
Wallis, Mr. Wm. Pytchley [Farmer]
Wignell, Mr. Edward Burton Lattimer [Butcher/Farmer]
WM. MURPHY, Solicitor, Wellingborough, Nov, 23rd 1837
N.B. Dinner on the table at Two o'clock

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