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Extract from Leeds Mercury Saturday 25 May 1861
Bailey/Stokes Farm Accident

Washpit Farm, High Street where the accident took place (now the site of Sainsburys)


A serious accident occurred at Burton Latimer, Northamptonshire, last week, under the following peculiar circumstances.

Jos Bailey, labourer, whilst at work in Mr Stokes' farm-yard, ascended a stack of straw, having in his hand a chaff knife. Bailey unfortunately slipped from the stack, and the knife falling upon some loose straw, with sharp edge resting upwards, his throat came in contact with it, cutting its way from the left ear to opposite the right corner of the mouth, severing the vessels and opening the windpipe. For a few seconds there was an absence of respiration, and it was thought he could not survive the shock to the nervous system. Dr Logan happened to be in the village, and he immediately rendered the necessary assistance.

Although the accident was of so frightful and dangerous a character, hopes are entertained of a recovery.

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