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Extract from Peterborough Advertiser 01 January 1902
Terrible Fatality
on Rockingham Hill

Walllis's Lorry

An Engine Runs Away

The Driver Killed

A man named William Ladds, of Burton Latimer, employed as a driver of a steam motor belonging to Messrs Wallis and Sons, of Burton Latimer Mill, met with a terrible death the other morning on Rockingham Hill. It appears that the deceased was driving a heavy load of flour down the steep decline with a motor engine, when owing it is supposed to the frozen condition of the roads the brakes refused to act so promptly as would otherwise have been the case, and the driver lost control of the engine. The motor descended the hill at a terrible pace and about half-way down suddenly swerved to the side. The driver was pitched on to the bank, the motor falling on top of him. The accident was witnessed by a young man named Lawrence, who was staying at Cottingham, and he obtained assistance from Rockingham.

The Sondes Arms, Rockingham
The Sondes Arms Public House

It was necessary to remove a portion of the bank before the unfortunate man could be released, and he was carried to the Sondes Arms at Rockingham, where he was attended by Dr Duke of Great Easton. He was afterwards removed to Gretton Station, and despatched to Kettering, but succumbed en route. The injuries were chiefly internal. The deceased is a married man with a family, and is about 34 years of age.

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