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Extract from Kettering Evening Telegraph 1957

George Thurlow

Former Police Sergeant George Thurlow of Burton Latimer, brought a runaway horse which had thrown its rider, to a standstill at Cranford today by grabbing its bridle. In bringing the bolting animal under control he was covered in blood for in throwing its rider the horse had fallen and was bleeding from cuts and scratches.

The rider Gilbert Wills, a Cranford youth, was unhurt. He was thrown a considerable distance from the spot on the Thrapston-Kettering road where Mr Thurlow stopped the horse. The animal, a large chestnut, belongs to Mr Norman Hayward, Duck End Farm, Cranford, and was being exercised by Gilbert. Mr Thurlow, who works for W D Evans, (Burton Latimer), Ltd, Hilly Farm, Burton Latimer, was driving to market with some chicks when he saw the riderless horse galloping towards him in the middle of the road.


With quick thinking, developed from 25 years experience in the police, Mr Thurlow stopped his car, jumped out and grabbed the frightened animal’s bridle. The owner was called, and after handing the horse over, Mr Thurlow continued his way to market. Mr Hayward told the “Evening Telegraph”: I have seen Mr Thurlow and thanked him for what he did.”

Mr Thurlow, 57 Rosebery Street, Burton Latimer, joined the Northamptonshire Police Force in 1931. After being stationed at Burton for eight years he retired in May last year. (Click here to read more about George Thurlow)

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