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Fire Service Photo Gallery

A selection of photographs from various sources with a Fire Service theme

A parade in Church Street, probably during the First World War. The man on horseback is probably Tom Norton
who supplied the horses that pulled the engine. He was a baker and confectioner who also hired out brakes
(carriages) The occasion could be a military funeral except that the spectators have not removed their hats.

Frank Eady and Ernie Desborough
A 1930 press cutting showing Frank Eady and
Ernie Desborough with the One-Man Drill
winners cup
Mr Archibald C. Harris, Burton Latimer's
Fire Brigade Captain who had served in
the Brigade for over 21 years when he
retired in 1934
Fireman Ted Dicks with his daughter Edna at
their home in Spencer Street in the 1930s

The Pavilion fire in 1923 Aftermath of the Pavilion fire in 1923
The Pavilion, a hall in the yard opposite the Red Cow, used for dances and meetings, was destroyed by fire in 1926. The photographs are taken from the Evening Telegraph. Mr William Waters, the Fire Captain at the time, is seen in the left-hand photograph surveying the scene on the following day.

Albert Tailby and Evelyn Webb on their wedding day Percy Ashby and Kathleen Loake on their wedding day
Fireman Albert Tailby married Miss Evelyn Webb at the Methodist Church in
June 1937. They are seen here in Duke Street sharing the front seat of the fire
engine with its driver Bert Desborough
Fireman Percy Ashby married Miss Kathleen
Loake at the Parish Church in September 1938,
his fellow firemen providing a guard of honour

Burton Latimer firemen in the 1950s Gerald Baish on a turntable ladder in Alexandra Street
Standing outside the Duke Street Fire Station in the 1950s are L-R: Gerald Farrow,
Albert Tailby, Percy Toseland, ..?.., Joe Whitney, Gerald Baish, Arthur Butlin, ..?..,
Arthur Barlow and Ron Cloleman
Gerald Baish thrills the crowds in
Alexandra Street during a 1950s Gala
Parade on a ladder mounted on a
Leyland /Merryweather appliance

Burton Latimer firemen in 1958
1958 - Gerald Baish, Albert Tailby, Albert Lovell, John Desborough and Ron Benzie

Pole Position Cars after the fire in 1983 1990 fire in the old cinema building
The Pole Position Cars showroom on the corner of High Street
and Pioneer Avenue after a disasterous fire in 1983
In 1990 a fire broke out in the building that was once the Electric Palace
Cinema but was in use as a restaurant and flats at the time

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