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Serious Cycle Accident - 1899

Barton Hilwhere Fred Grainger had his accident
The road leading down to Barton Bridge where Fred Grainger's
accident occurred



A serious accident occurred near the Ise River in the parish of Barton Seagrave, on Tuesday evening, to a young fellow named Fred Grainger, residing in Station Road, Burton Latimer. It appears that Grainger, who is a shoehand employed in Kettering, left that place for Burton Latimer about 6.30pm in the company of three or four companions. They were riding bicycles and assert that their lamps were all alight. Just after crossing the bridge, a horse and trap, driven, it is alleged, at great speed, and without lights, dashed down the hill and collided with Grainger, who was some little distance behind. The young fellow was very seriously injured, and was picked up by his companions in an insensible condition. The occupants of the trap did not wait to see what damage was done, but galloped off in the direction of Kettering. As speedily as possible the unfortunate young fellow was removed to his home where he was at once placed under medical attention. The police are making enquiries about the horse and trap. Upon enquiries later, we learn that the young fellow’s right eyeball was completely knocked out, having apparently been caught by the point of the shaft, whilst one of his fingers was broken.

Northampton Mercury Fri 13 Oct 1899

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