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Article from Kettering Evening Telegraph dated 27 March 1990

Gun Maniac

Sniper leaves trail of terror

A crazed gunman ran riot blasting a pub full of drinkers, two homes, a shop and a factory.

Victims were showered in broken glass as the gunman fired from the window of his car before speeding off.

Two drinkers at Burton Latimer's Waggon and Horses pub were struck in the face as glass from the pub's window flew 15 feet across the bar.

The mystery attacker - believed to be using a .22 airgun - struck at two homes, both owned by workers at Burton Latimer's Alumasc plant.

He also fired five shots through the windows of Thrapston firm S J Heighten and blasted the window of a flower shop in High Street, Burton Latimer.

Police would only say this morning they believe the attacks — on Tuesday night — are linked but there is no known motive.

There were ten drinkers in The Waggon and Horses when the gunman struck just after 10 pm.

Photograph of Publican, Mr Barry Ward
Publican - Mr Barry Ward

Publican Barry Ward said: "If it had been a Saturday night with more people in it could have been quite nasty.

"He struck for absolutely no reason and I don't like to think what he might do next time."

The night of violence began at 8.45 pm when the gunman pulled up outside a house in Kettering's Mill Road.

Alumasc cost clerk Michael Groom was watching television when he heard a car drive out of Fuller Street and towards his house.

He said: "I heard a thud, opened the curtains and discovered a pellet lodged in my window frame."

The gunman then drove to Grafton Underwood where he pulled up outside the cottage of Alumasc fabricator Stephen Savage.

Mr Savage was just getting up to change channels on his television at 9 pm when the gunman opened fire.

Mr Savage, 40, said: "There was suddenly an almighty crack and we jumped up.

"I was showered in glass and looked up to see a hole in the window and a pellet on the carpet - a car sped away very rapidly with its tyres squealing."

The gunman then drove to Thrapston where he fired a succession of shots through the windows of motor engineering firm S J Heighten in Chancery Lane.

He then drove back to Burton Latimer, and before or after hitting the Waggon and Horses he blasted the window of florists, Flowers by Margaret.

Despite five separate attacks, no-one saw the gunman or the car he was using. Detectives have issued appeals for help.

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