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Newspaper extract from Huntingdon, Bedford & Peterborough Gazette, Saturday 14 January 1832

William Smith theft from John Coleman

Willliam Smith, a dealer in old iron and chandlery at Burton Latimer, surrendered to take his trial on an indictment, charging him with stealing 29 horse-shoes, the property of Mr John Coleman. The prosecutor having missed some horse-shoes, went to the house of the prisoner, who on learning his business, produced his stock, from which the prosecutor selected a number, which, he said, were his property; and the prisoner allowed him to take them away. The prosecutor afterwards went before the Rev Mr Hogg, who held the prisoner to bail to answer the charge at these Sessions. On his cross-examination, the prosecutor admitted that he had several times offered to compound the matter for a sum of money but the prisoner declined giving it. It also appeared that the wife of the prisoner was now lying dead in the house. The jury found him guilty. The Court, in consideration of the domestic calamity he was labouring under, sentenced him to only one day's imprisonment, and to pay a fine of 5s.

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