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Article from Northampton Mercury 04 June 1881
Picture of the Ise Brook
The Ise Brook

On Wednesday, the 1st last, an inquest was held at the Horse and Groom, Burton Latimer, before J T Parker, Esq. on the body of Thomas Weston, a young man, who wa drowned that evening while bathing in the Ise brook.

After viewing the boody, the following evidence was taken:-

Albert Robert Walford, butler to the Rev F Newman, rector of Burton Latimer, deposed that the deceased, himself, Thomas Dunmore, and William Braybrook went that morning soon after four o'clock to bathe in the Ise brook. They all got into the water, and deceased swam about, and appeared to be swimming very well. When they had been in about ten minutes he seemed to turn round, and Braybrook got out of the water and ran to a hedge to get a pole, but while he was gone deceased sunk, after rising three times. When Braybrook came back with the pole he threw it in, but deceased had then disappeared. Brayfield was then on the other side, but he swam across, and they all dressed, and Dunmore went off to the village as soon as he could. Witness was unable to swim. Before Braybrook went for the pole he made an attempt to reach deceased, and got hold of one of his feet, but seemed to slip. Braybrook was then on the opposite side of the stream to witness and Dunmore. Witness did not know the depth, and dare not cross.

William Braybrook, general dealer, residing at Burton Latimer, deposed to going that morning, in company with the others, to bathe. Had bathed with him before, and knew he could swim. Witness can swim tolerably well. This witness, after further evidence, said that he saw the deceased struggling in the middle of the stream, and swam towards him, but just as he touched his foot he (Braybrook) slipped into a hole, and when he came to the surface deceased was still struggling, and not feeling sufficient confidence in his swimming to go to him, he got out and ran for a pole. He was gone about two minutes, and when he got back deceased had disappeared, and the others pointed to where he had gone down. He poked about with a pole but could not feel him. Witness cannot dive, and did not try to do so after the deceased. When they were going down to bathe deceased said, in a joke, "If I am drowned you will see after my wife and family." He was not married, and was in good health and spirits.

Thomas Dunmore gave corroborative evidence. He said deceased told him he could swim about 20 yards. He watched him follow Braybrooke, and then began to struggle about the middle. Saw Braybrooke try to catch him, and then slipped in over head. He then got out and ran for a pole.

John William Pasilow, the police constable stationed at Burton Latimer, gave evidence of dragging for the body. He found it in about 7ft 6in of water.

The jury returned a verdict of "Accidental drowning."

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