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An Aggressive Landlord

Waggon & Horses
The Waggon & Horses pub
where the assault took place

Northampton Mercury 15 January 1853

From the proceedings at the County Court. Tuesday Jan 11 1853.

Before J. Collier Esq.. – James Stokes v Edward Dickens, Burton Latimer. Mr. Rawlings appeared for plaintiff, and Mr. Tennant for defendant.

This was an action for £2 expenses, consequent on injuries received by plaintiff at defendant’s house on 24th May 1851. Plaintiff stated that on that day he went into the Waggon & Horses public-house, which is kept by the defendant and tossed with him for some ale, and that a quarrel ensued, and the landlord struck him a violent blow on the head, but he could not say with what, as he was senseless in consequence. He was unable to work for nine days afterwards. On the following Tuesday Mr. Dickens expressed his sorrow for what had occurred, and offered to pay defendant compensation if he would not take a summons out against him, and an agreement was drawn up in presence of a witness, but defendant kept it, and all he could get from him was 12s. The doctor’s bill was £1 1s., and he (defendant) charged 1s 4d.per day for loss of time. Besides the loss of time through illness he had hindered two days in going backwards and forwards concerning the case.

Defendant said that the blow was a slight one, and that he was provoked in consequence of plaintiff ill-treating his wife. He could not bring her forward as witness as she is now deceased. Judgement for £1. 5s., in addition to the 12s. received.

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