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Kettering Evening Telegraph, 15th July 1982
Attacks on Graves

Brian Mutlow with the broken grave marker
Mr Mutlow, church council member, displays the stolen grave marker

A Murder victim's grave marker was stolenin the latest spate of vandal attackes on St Mary's Church, Burton Latimer. The iron headstone, which marked the grave of Louisa Sophia Johnson, who was killed in 1893, was found later near the church. The vandals have repeatedly destroyed graves, moved headstones and torn up wreaths laid on graves.

The rector, Canon Edward Pitt said: "Many skylarkers I see in the churchyards do not even come from the town. The trouble is, one can never prove anything. The police are aware - but it is very difficult to find the offenders. Mr Pitt said he was very worried about the vandalism - but he is doing his best to solve the problem. The drainpipes of the church have been coated with a sticky substance that marked anyone who tried to climb them and a new set of gates are due to be fitted. Mr Pitt said: "I think all churches seem to be prone to a certain amount of vandalism now, it is such a shame. Mr Brian Mutlow, treasurer of the parochial church council said: "I am totally disgusted by these acts, I cannot understand why they do it and it is a real problem for us."

An article on the murder of Louisa Johnson can be found here.

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