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Article from the Northampton Mercury dated Friday August 20th 1926

Dance Hall Destroyed by Fire

The Pavilion was situated towards the top end of the High Street, in the area behind what is now Coral bookmakers
Captain Waters, Chief of Burton latimer Fire Brigade near the scene of the fire. The thatched farmhouse which was saved, is in the background

Damage estimated at £1,000 was done by a fire which completely destroyed the Pavilion Dance Hall on Saturday evening. The building was situated behind several shops and a garage on the High Street and was of wood construction. The building was the property of Mr G. Eady, boot manufacturer.

Mr Arthur Eaves, owner of one of the nearby shops, noticed a light in the Pavilion at about five o'clock and almost immediately flames burst through the roof. Mr Eaves called the Fire Brigade, who were quickly in attendance under Mr W. Waters J.P. but the fire had obtained a good hold.

Thirty feet away from the blazing building were three hayricks; at a lesser distance was Mr G. Eady's house, with a thatched roof. Within the nearby garage owned by Mr G. Mason were a number of motor and cycle tyres, a quantity of carbide and wireless appuratus and 200 gallons of petrol - this in an underground tank - added to the anxieties of the situation.

It was clear that it was useless to attempt to save the burning building, and the firemen directed themselves - happily with success - to preventing the fire spreading. The garage was deluged with water and the inflammable contents, except fot the petrol, removed. Mr Eady's house was heavily drenchedwith water, but despite this the thatch was burned in several places, and the door of the barn destroyed.

The hayricks in Mr Denton's farmyard escaped, the wind, which carried sparks and pieces of burning felting from the roof of the Pavilion over 100 yards, being in the other direction. The Pavilion was a single storey building erected about four years ago. The cause of the outbreak is unknown, and the damage is covered by insurance.

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