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Article from the Northampton Mercury dated Friday November 4th 1924,

House Robbery - 1923

School House, scene of the 1924 robbery
School House, scene of the 1924 robbery, when lived in by Joseph Boardman, a predecessor of George Talbutt, who was head teacher at the Church School

Alfred Line (22), shoe operative, was charged with breaking and entering the dwelling house of George James Talbutt, on Oct 25 1923 at Burton Latimer, with intent to steal. There was a second charge of breaking and entering the office of Mr Talbutt and stealing two pocket wallets, a fountain pen and a case of pipes.

Prisoner pleaded not guilty and was un-represented. Mr H. Paul prosecuted.

Mrs Gladys Coltman Talbutt, of the Schoolhouse, Burton Latimer, said she heard someone at the back door. She heard a man in various parts of the house. Thinking it was her husdand, she called, "Is that you George?" A voice replied, "It's all right." and realising it was a strange voice she came downstairs and saw the prisoner. He told her he was in the wrong house and then said , "Mr Talbutt has sent me for the puppies." Thinking she could get him to the front of the house she said, " I will take you to the puppies," and holding him by the arm she took him to the front door. On arrival there, prisoner wrenched a necklace from her neck, freed himself, and ran away towards Finedon. She immediately apprised the police, and subsequently identified Line as the man who was in the house.

P.C. Lord gave evidence of arrest. Sergt. Hooper said he found the articles the subject of the charge in prisoner's posession.

Giving evidence prisoner asked, "Why am I being accused of this? I know nothing about it except what I bought."

The jury returned a verdict of guilty. Sergt. Hooper said prisoner, who was native of Rushden, lived with his parents up to 1922, but would not work and was ordered away from home. He then went to live with his brother in Wellingborough, but had to leave on account of his lazy habits. Since then he had slept anywhere. He was a consumptive and rather erratic in his actions. So far as witness knew he had done no work for several months before that case.

A sentence of Two Months Hard Labour was passed.

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