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Giant Mascot Vandalised

Joe Maziak with son James and the reunited mascot

Local businessman Joe Maziak featured in an Evening Telegraph report published 15th March 1980 when vandals damaged the company mascot.

"Two heads are better than one... according to local engineering boss Joe Maziak. Joe blew his top when vandals attacked his factory's giant mascot model robot and knocked his block off.

In fact, the Burton Latimer factory chief even put up £100 reward to help capture the miscreants who decapitated the £2,000 iron man. But now Maziak Engineering is heading for happy times once more because the firm's figurehead is about to be reunited with its noggin.

It was dumped on the lawn of Joe's previous address in Kettering with the message "We're sorry we lost our heads" painted on it. The thieves also painted another message on the head asking for the reward to be donated to the Band Aid fund - but Joe is unsure what to do next.

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