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Kettering Evening Telegraph 27th October 1987
Unexploded Bombs - 1987

The scene in Burton Latimer befire the device was blown up by bomb disposal experts A bomb disposal expert carries away a device

Police were today hunting maniacs who have planted six home-made bombs in Burton Latimer streets. Three of the devices have exploded and three others - one an eloborate hoax - have been dealt with by bomb disposal squads.

Now police have launched a hunt for the bombers. All the bombs have been made out of pipes closed at each end. All but one, a hoax, have been packed with certain explosive materials.

The latest device, which turned out to be a hoax, was planted behind a drainpipe outside Countdown shop in the High St yesterday. Neghbouring premises were closed, A6 traffic diverted and nearby residents alerted as a bomb disposal officer from RAF Wittering in protective clothing carried the device along Church St at about 3pm. It was X-rayed then blown up on land near the bowling green at the Conservative Club.

Insp Bob Berwick, of Kettering police said they believed it could be children experimenting but could not rule out the possibility that it was an adult. "I cannot emphasise enought to whoever is making them how lethal they are. At the end of the day somebody could get very seriously hurt".

The attacks started on the evening of Sunday October 4, when police were called after one of the devices exploded in Church View. No fragments were found but about an hour later one went off in the High St and traces were discovered.

It is believed one exploded in Church St on Monday, October 12, and another device was found intact. Then the bomb disposal squad was called out last Friday after one was discovered at the recreation centre in Pioneer Ave. A meeting of the under-fives group was due to be held there.

The bomb squad has described the devices as extremely dangerous and say they could kill or maim. The officer who carried the hoax bomb yesterday said they were very sensitive and were known as "schoolboy pipebombs."

Insp Berwick said children experimenting might not be aware of the serious consequences. He said "If people see such a device, they must not touch it and should contact the police immediately. They should also keep other people away from it."

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