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The Rector's Accident

Rev WB Jacques Mrs Jacques with car at Orlingbury
Rev. W.B. Jacques
who moved to Orlingbury in 1911
The Jacques were a wealthy family and following the death of her 49 year-old husband in 1913, Mrs. Jacques, seen here at Orlingbury, was able to employ a chauffeur.


Stamford Mercury 18 August 1905

About ten o’clock on Monday morning an alarming accident occurred on the steep decline leading from Finedon to Burton  Latimer, by which a motor-car belonging to the Rev. W.B. Jacques, the Rector of Burton Latimer, was practically wrecked when colliding with a carrier’s van driven by Mr. George Keeber, a carrier from Wellingborough to Kettering.  It appears that when the carrier’s cart was descending the hill it was overtaken by the motor-car just as it reached a group of telephone men at work by the roadside. A truck was on the near side of the road, and Mr. Keeber had to pull into the middle of the road to pass it. The car came on at a good pace, and the rev. gentleman who was driving endeavoured to pass between the van and the telephone truck, with the result that the off hind wheel of the motor caught in the near fore-wheel of the van. The spokes of the car  were smashed like pipe stems by the force of the impact, and the side of the car was torn completely away. Fortunately, the car did not overturn, and Mr. Jacques and a nurse and two children escaped with nothing worse than a severe shaking.

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