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Original article taken from the Evening Telegraph dated 4th July 1965, transcribed by Sally Crane.

Thieves Break into Rectory

Reverend Sharpley pointing to the window through which the thieves gained access to the premises.
The thieves, it is believed, broke this window in order to gain entry into the Rectory.
Mr Sharpley points to the broken pane.

While the Rector of Burton Latimer, the Rev. R. W. Sharpley, was conducting Evensong in Burton Latimer Parish Church last night, thieves broke into his home and got away with a diamond ring, three gold watches and a transistor radio. Entry was gained by breaking a pane of glass on a ground floor window. When Mr. Sharpley returned to the Rectory at about 7.30 he must have disturbed the intruders, because he found that a suitcase - still empty - had been removed from its usual place, and was lying open.

"I can't say at the moment whether anything else has been stolen. You don't realise things are missing until you go to use them," Mr. Sharpley told the "Evening Telegraph" today.

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