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John Meads 2016
The Theft of a Seed Cake

John Whittering's shop
John Whittering's shop on the corner of Kettering Rd.
and Bakehouse Lane in 1961 when in the occupation
of BLICS. John's son Arthur J (Wittering) had it as a
hardware and furniture shop until his death in 1947
and the property was demolished in the 1990s

Northampton Mercury  27 November 1880


Before the Hon. and Rev. C. J. Vernon (in the chair), Colonel Arthur. R. Booth, Esq., and W. Clark Thornhill Esq.

Theft at Burton Latimer —  Harry Brown, London, and William Johnson, Barnstable, Devon, both having the appearance of tramps, were charged with stealing a cake, value 9d., and 2s. in cash, the property of John Whittering, at Burton Latimer, on the 17th Nov. — Elizabeth Whittering, wife of the prosecutor, said that on the day named she left her shop for a few minutes, and when returning she saw a man coming out, who apparently had something under his coat. He joined another man in the road. On searching in her shop she discovered that a seed cake was gone, as well as some silver which was in the till, which amounted to 7s. or 8s. She followed the men down the street, and gave information to the police. The prisoners were the men, and it was Johnson she saw coming out of her shop. — P. C. Pasilow said, in consequence of what the last witness  said to him he followed the prisoners to Wellingborough, and found them at Bushey’s lodging house in that town. He charged them with stealing the cake and the money; they denied the charge. He searched Johnson and found the crumbs of seed cake now produced in his coat pocket. He apprehended them and took them to Burton Latimer, where Mrs. Whittering identified them. He afterwards brought them to Kettering. He was present the next morning when the inspector was taking a description of the prisoners at the station. Brown then said that they were hungry, and that Johnson went into the shop and took the cake and 2s. from a basin in the drawer. They ate the cake outside Burton Latimer. The 2s. they spent in two pints of beer, some supper, and lodgings. — Prisoners now pleaded guilty and were sentenced to one month’s hard labour.

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