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St Mary's Church Infants School Miss Marsden's Class 1901

St Marys Church Infants School 1901

The following details accompanied this photo which was printed in the Kettering "Evening Telegraph" in the 1930s.

Back Row: F Hodson (later Mrs A Fox, Victoria Street), B Ball (daughter of J Ball, builder of Cranford Road), A Chamberlain (Duke Street), W Freestone (daughter of Fred F Freestone), Amy thompson, H Henman (later Mrs Lord), M Ball (later Mrs W Sharman, Alexandra Street), S Neal (Burton Wold), Miss Marsden

Third Row: -?- Bailey, -?- Cockerill (The Manor House), F Hull (later Mrs W Loveday, High Street), C Loveday (later Mrs A Eady, High Street), D Barlow, (youngest daughter of Charles Barlow JP, The Yews), Doris Boardman (daughter of the headmaster), -?- Cockerill (The Manor House), A Mason (later Mrs W Eady, Canada), M Westley (Later Mrs Barlow, Kettering)

Second Row: -?- Smart, E Payne, Fred pollard, T Basford, A Seal, May Whitney (later Mrs W Norton, Orlingbury), C Hull, H Desborough, Ethel Sudborough (daughter of Mr H Sudborough)

Front Row: -?-, L Goodyer, Church Street (later Mrs L Underwood), G Perkins (later Mrs D York, Pioneer Avenue), E Stickler (later Mrs F Cobley, Rushden), F Allen (later Mrs C Coleman, Finedon Road), Arthur Westley, B Whitney (later Mrs T Norton, Kettering Road)

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