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St. Mary's Junior School - late 1950s

Saskia Cousins supplied us with this late 1950s/early 1960s class photograph of a class at St. Mary's School.
and Alan Francis has provided the names
L-R Back row: 1 Terry Gazeley, 2 Howard Perkins, 3 David Byland, 4 Ian Sharman, 5 'Twinny' Pollard, 6 Keith Carter,
7 'Twinny' Pollard, 8 George Black. Middle row: 1 Lee Cousins, 2 Tom Core, 3 Alan Francis, 4 Christine Ashby, 5 Stella
Craddock, 6 Stephen Holmes, 7 Billy Black, 8 ..??.. , 9 Peter Holmes. Front row: 1 Pat Drage, 2 Diane Whiteman, 3 Caroline
Bradbury, 4 Julie Almond, 5 Lorraine Tayleure, 6 Pat Masters, 7 Rosemary Edmunds, 8 Susan Lewis, 9 Sheila Hoddle,
10 Janet Culverhouse. Can anyone provide us with the name of No: 8, middle row?

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