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St Mary's School
Miss Appleby's Class - 1960-61

Year 2 of 4

St Mary's School, Burton Latimer : St Mary's School Class - 1961-62

This photo was first calculated to be a Year 3 juniors class in the school year 1961-62. However, new evidence seems to suggest that it is Mrs Appleby's class. Mr Pringle again appears on the photo in his role of headmaster - he was not the teacher for this class. Thanks to Johnnie Simmonds (aka Darnell) for many of the names.

Back row: 1. John Sutton 2. Tim Sellers, 3. Chris Northover 4. Peter Krajcir 5. David Hammond, 6. Howard Perkins, 7. Adrian Byland 8. Keith Carter 9. Monica Culverhouse 10. Rosemary Edmunds, 11. Larraine Tayleure, Mr Pringle,

Front row: 1. ---?---, 2. ---?---, 3. Josephine Morley, 4. ---?---, 5. Maureen Gazeley, 6. ---?---, 7. Jane Ogg 8. Nicola Nesbitt 9. Arlene Lewis

Can anyone help us with more names? If so, please get in touch.

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