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St Mary's School
Mrs Hart's Class 1961-2

St Mary's School, Burton Latimer Mrs Hart's Class 1961

We were originally given the year as 1961. With the donation of a photo of this class in its previous year, this photo can now be dated as Mrs Hart's year 2 class in 1961-2.

Back Row: 1. Mrs Hart, 2. David Rees, 3. Ian Sutton, 4. Robert Pollard, 5. John Patrick, 6. Jonnie Simmons, 7. ---?---, 8. ---?---

Middle Row: 1. Sandra Tayleure, 2. Jacqui Desborough, 3. Sheila Toseland, 4. ---?---, 5. kathleen Hoddle, 6. Diana Culverhouse, 7. Susan Meadows

Front Row: 1. Susan Attfield, 2. Lorraine Smith, 3. Angela Whiteman, 4. Lynne Sutton, 5. Catherine Lewis, 6. ---?---, 7. Susan Hearn, 8. ---?---, 9. ---?---, 10. Carol Meadows, 11. Heather Culverhouse

Our thanks to David Rees for identifying himself and two others. Please get in touch if you can verify the year or fill in any missing names.

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