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St Mary's School
Mrs Noville's Class 1956-7

St Mary's School, Burton Latimer : Mrs Noville's Class - c.1956

The year originally given to this photo was about 1956, but Teresa Simpson (nee Rees) has confirmed that it is for the school year 1956-7, and has kindly supplied 11 additions and corrections. Our thanks to the Gazeley family for supplying one of two missing names and Susan Page nee Gilbert for the others and a correction.

Back row: 1. Alan Keller, 2. Terry Randall, 3. Keith Bucknell, 4. Norman Toseland, 5. Adrian Sellers, 6. Charlie Osborne, 7. Tony Nesbitt, 8. Richard Hancock, 9. James Allinson, 10. Mrs Noville

Second row: 1. John Goode, 2. Duncan Howard, 3. John Holmes, 4. Alan Carter, 5. David Keller, 6. Roddy Taylor, 7. Bernard Gledhill, 8. Brian Whiteman, 9. Steven Bacon, 10, Steven Taylor

Front row: 1. Susan Gilbert, 2. Linda Perkins, 3. Jeanette Sutton, 4. Susan Oram, 5. Helena Krajcir, 6. Carol Whiteman, 7. Rosalie Allatt, 8. Frances Toop, 9. Jean Fox, 10. Jean Meadows, 11. Yvonne Tayleure


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