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St. Mary's Junior School
Mrs. Noville's Class 1961-2

Christine (Adams) Reader has sent in this photograph of Mrs. Noville's class. This was when Mrs. Noville was teaching the first two junior years due to a staff shortage.
Christine supplies several names and several more have been added after comparing other photos.
Can you help name the rest please, or correct us if you've been given the wrong name?

Back row L-R: 1 Keith Carter, 2 David Binder-Pollard, 3 Bernard Binder-Pollard, 4 Christopher Northover, 5 Peter Krajcir,
6 Tim Sellers, 7 Kenny Almond, 8 ......? 9 John Sutton, 10 Peter Adams 11 Bill Craddock

Front row: L-R: 1 Arlene Lewis, 2 ......? 3 Christine Whiteman, 4 Christine Adams, 5 Nicola Nesbitt, 6 ......? 7 Josephine Morley, 8 Elaine Richards, 9 Susan Drage, 10 Jane Ogg, 11 Maureen Gazeley

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