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Council Infants School
Reception Class 1958-9

Burton Latimer Council Infants School - Unidentified Class 1958

Huge thanks to Patricia Sandos (nee Dew) for clarifying that this is a Reception Class for the year 1958-9 and is in fact the Christmas/Easter intake. Originally we had no names or any further information on this photo. We are massively indebted to Melanie Pirie (nee Devine) for giving us nearly all the names, to Robert Goode for filling in two of the remaining blanks, and to Trevor Lovett for identifying himself..

Back row: 1. Robert Goode, 2. Trevor Lovett, 3. Johnny French, 4. Tony Murrell, 5. Susan Davis 6. Martin Clipstone, 7. Terry Osborne, 8. Peter Johnson, 9. Alan Carvell, 10. Roy Benford, 11. David Linnell,

Middle row: 1. Diane Hyde, 2. Julie Smith, 3. David Sharp, 4. Roxanne Saucer, 5. Barbara Pernak, 6. Wendy Ball, 7. Robin Brown, 8. Keith ---?---, 9. Martin Ferrier, 10. Jarno Sagroi, 11. Julie C Smith,

Front Row: 1. Melanie Devine, 2. Ian Hicks, 3. Patsy Dew, 4. David Brooks, 5. Carol Hobson, 6. Belinda Birnie, 7. Barbara James, 8. Terry Knighton, 9. ---?---, 10. Valerie Hobson.

Can you confirm who the teacher would have been, or help us fill any of the last blanks? If you can, please get in touch.

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