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Council Infants School
Class c.1956

Burton Latimer Council Infants School - Unidentified Class c.1956

We are very grateful to Godfrey Bigley for donating this photo, which is thought to have been taken in the school year 1955-6, and to Christine Gazeley (nee Beeby) for supplying so many names.

Back row: 1. ---?---, 2. Vaughan Carvell, 3. Stephen Chisholm, 4. Peter Nicholson, 5. Keith French, 6. Mick Mayes, 7. Christopher Underwood, 8. Godfrey Bigley, 9. Richard Beeby, 10. ---?---, 11. William Hornsby, 12. Fred Northern

Middle row: 1. Steve Thornton, 2. David Jempson, 3. Paddy Brunet, 4. Elizabeth Burley, 5. Judith Farmer, 6. Marilyn Johnson, 7. ---?---, 8. Maureen Smith, 9. ---?---, 10. Francis Dainty, 11. Barbara Morgan, 12. ---?---, 13. ---?---, 14. ---?---,

Front Row: 1. Christine Beeby, 2. ---?---, 3. Valerie Stapleton, 4. ---?---, 5. Hilary McNamara, 6. ---?--- Eady, 7. Christine Benford, 8. Eileen Beecham, 9. Rita Barber, 10. Jaqueline Eady, 11. ---?---, 12. Sandra Walker,

The photo is now thought to be of a mixed age or split-year class. Can you confirm the year this was taken, who the teacher would have been, or help us fill any more of the blanks? If you can, please get in touch.

Historical Note: The wall behind the children in the photo is the rear wall of the girls' toilets. (The overflow pipes of the high-level cisterns can be seen sticking out of the wall!) In the 1950s, very few infant or junior schools had indoor toilets - outdoor was the norm. The girls' entrance was via the L-shaped walling on the right of the cubicle block. A wall on the left-hand end of the girls' cubicles partitioned them off from the boys' toilets, which stood on the left of the girls' block. The entrance can be seen in the backgrould behind the boy on the left-hand end of the back row. At least the girls' cubicles were roofed; the boys' general "facilities" were normally in the open air. Not a pleasant prospect on a rainy day .......

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