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Council Infants Class 1958-9

At present the date of this photograph, donated by Dick White, is provisional and has been chosen because the background is the same as others with this date. Since going online Sue Humphrey (nee Abbott) has provided many more names

Back row L-R: 1 Robert Felce 2 Neil Stevens 3 Clive Scrimshaw 4 Marina Knibbs 5 Clare Hobbs 6 Denise Parker 7 ..........? 8 ..........?
9 Alan Brown 10 Trevor Cooper 11 Susan Abbott 12 Megan Morgan 13 Christine Maine
Second row: 1 Richard White 2 David Dicks 3 Helen Ashby 4 Carol Freeman 5 Michael Mellors 6 Angela Moroz 7 ..........? 8 Philip Underwood 9 Rita Farrelly 10 Ann Whiteman 11 Maureen Nicholson 12 Sally Underwood 13 Peter Arnold 14 Simon Bradbury
Front row:1 Sheila Hyde 2 Jacqueline Goode 3 Helen Wiles 4 Christopher Watson 5 Peter Ramsbottom 6 Stephen Coles 7 ..........?
8 Lavina Tailby 9 Christine Bellamy 10 Kevin Hammond
Are the names correct? Please contact us with any changes and the other names if you know them.

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