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Council Infants School
Miss Pack's Class 1956

Burton Latimer Council Infants School - Miss Pack's Class 1954-5

Our thanks to Trevor Cooper for loaning this picture. This was the Reception Class (i.e. First Year Infants). The year was first thought to be 1954-5, but susbsequent information from Steve and Helen Wiles and Peter (Cox) Fox puts the year at 1956.

Back row: David Dicks , Michael Mellors, Kevin Hammond, Neil Stephenson, Robert Felce, Peter Cox, Colin Jolley

Middle row: Steven Coles, Clive Scrimshaw, ----?----, Richard White, Maureen Nicholson, Helen Ashby, Christine Bellamy, Peter Ramsbottom, Trevor Cooper, ----?----

Front Row: Anne Whiteman, Helen Wiles, Rita Farrelly, Megan Morgan, Lynn Clipson, Sheila Hyde, Susan Abbott, Marina Knibbs, Margaret Granger, Rosemary Winkle, ----?----, Carole Freeman

Steve Wiles has assisted with some of the names, and our thanks got to Sue Humphrey (nee Abbott) for confirming another half dozen. If you can help us fill in any of the last four blanks, please get in touch.

Historical Note: To judge from the fragment of exposed wall on the left of the picture, by this time the air-raid shelters in the Infants School playground had been demolished - probably to create more space for the children. However, the outdoor toilets (beyond the former shelter) are still in use! The demolition of the air-raid shelters had not yet extended to the Junior School, because the two shelters in the girls' playground are still visible in the background.

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