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Council Infants School
Mrs Watson's Class 1963

Burton Latimer Council Infants School - Mrs Watson's Class c.1963

Our thanks to Veronica George (nee Clement) and Caroline Mitchell (nee Pearson) for filling in most of the last blanks and queries and for confirming that the year is indeed 1963, as originally supposed.

Back row: 1. Robert Thurland, 2. David Cheney, 3. Sally Clipson, 4. Elaine Wells, 5. Julie Lane, 6. Betty Wright, 7. Heather Strudwick, 8. Paul Meads, 9. Jackie Evans, 10. Maureen Bates, 11. Lucy Olechnowicz, 12. Lynne Howard.

Middle row: 1. Caroline Pearson, 2. Anita Murrell, 3. Gillian Dixon, 4. David Cormack, 5. David Crouch, 6. Brian Caffrey, 7. John Pizzey, 8. Stephen Bulley, 9. John Coles, 10. David Briggs, 11. Lesley Howard, 12. Mrs Watson.

Front Row: 1. Susan Jackson (standing), 2. Eric Jolley, 3. Sheila Hickman, 4. Stephen Wiles, 5. Philip Garlick, 6. Christine York, 7. Sally Arnold, 8. Sheelagh Knighton, 9. Vivienne Firmin, 10. Susan Beeby, 11. Veronica Clement.

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