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County Council Junior School
Miss Clipson's Class 1960-61

Burton Latimer Council School - Miss Clipson's Class 1960-1

Back Row: 1. Trevor Lovell, 2. Richard White, 3. Peter Cox, 4. Colin Jolley, 5. John Lewin, 6. Trevor Cooper, 7. Clive Scrimshaw,. 8. Neil Stevens

Third Row: 1. Philip Underwood, 2. Kevin Hammond, 3. Robert Felce, 4. Steve Coles, 5. Peter Arnold, 6. David Dicks, 7. Alan Brown, 8. Christopher Watson ? , 9. Peter Ramsbottom, 10. Veronica Lovell

Second Row: 1. Carol Freeman, 2. Helen Ashby, 3. Sally Underwood, 4. Angela Moroz, 5. Rita Farrily, 6. Marina Knibbs, 7. Helen Wiles, 8. Sandra Benford, 9. Christine Bellamy, 10. Denise Parker, 11. Ann Whiteman

Front Row: 1. Sally Underwood, 2. Maureen Nicholson, 3. Alyson Hobbs, 4. Christine Ramsbottom, 5. Marion Bulmer, 6. Megan Morgan, 7. Margaret Granger, 8. Lavina Tailby, 9. Sheila Hyde, 10. Susan Abbott, 11. Julie Randall

Our thanks to Sue Humphrey for giving us the names missing from the original list. If you can confirm the queried one in the third row, please get in touch.

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