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County Council Junior School
Miss Clipson's Class 1961-2

Burton Latimer Council School - Miss Clipson's Class 1961-2

Our thanks again go to Stuart Tyrell for donating this photo, to Lindsey Walters for many additions and to Mick Lewis for the name which completes the list of names.

Back row: 1. Stuart Lovell, 2. Richard Bettles, 3. Philip Shortland

Third row: 1. Michael Youney, 2. Stuart Tyrell, 3. Geoffrey Talbot, 4. Peter York, 5. Roger Wells, 6. Reggie Carvell, 7. Michael Green, 8. Tony Dacre, 9. Michael Lewis, 10. Stuart Lovell, 11. David Hyde, 12. Philip Wallington, 13. Greville Hammond,14. Robert Mellors

Second row: 1. Josie Yates, 2. Lesley Betts, 3. Anne Couch, 4. Elizabeth Clark, 5. Christine Lovell, 6. Linda Woodward, 7. Lorraine York, 8. Jeannette Bates, 9. Jacqueline Bugby, 10. Paricia Wright, 11. Joan Prested, 12. Jacqueline Ferrier

Seated: 1. Jane Capps, 2. Linda Stack, 3. Christine Rose, 4. Lindsey Walters, 5. (Christine or Kathleen) Briggs, 6. Linzi Mason, 7. Jane Jarvis, 8. Elizabeth Underwood, 9. Julie Dacre. 10. Gwen Ellis

If you can help with the missing name, please get in touch.

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