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Council Junior School
Miss Leach's Class 1956-57

Burton Latimer Council School - Miss Leach's Class 1956-7

We are very grateful to Godfrey Bigley for donating this photo, which is thought to have been taken in the school year 1956-7.

Back row: 1. ---?---, 2. Richard Beeby, 3. Pat Barlow, 4. Stephen Chisholm, 5. Peter Knibbs, 6. Richard Kirby, 7. Robin Sharp, 8. Christopher Underwood, 9. Nigel Basford, 10. Philip Grapes

Middle row: 1. Godfrey Bigley, 2. Billy Archer, 3. Michael Buckby, 4. Barry Tuck, 5. William Hornsby, 6. Fred Northern, 7. Neil Cunliffe, 8. Kenneth Ramsbottom, 9. Peter Nicholson, 10. Steven Thornton, 11. John Earl, 12. Roderick Dew, 13. Miss Leach

Front Row: 1. Marilyn Johnson, 2. Elizabeth Burley, 3. Pamela Talbot, 4. Kathleen York, 5. Heather McVittie, 6. Judith Farmer, 7. Hilary McNamara, 8. Christine Beeby, 9. Frances Dainty, 10. Eileen Beecham, 11. Paddy Brunet, 12. Maureen Williams, 10. Linda Evans

Can you confirm the year this was taken or help us fill the last blank? If you can, please get in touch.

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