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Council School Class 1962-3
(Miss Leach?)

Probably Miss Leach's class 1962-3

Many thanks to Gillian Clarke (nee Austin) who supplied this photo and who also supplied the names. It is probably Miss Leach's class. Please let us know if you can confirm this.

Back row: 1. Trevor Burton, 2 Richard Capps, 3 Geoffrey Smith, 4 Steven Dicks Third row: 1 David Keeble, 2 Trevor Knighton, 3 Peter Rumble, 5 Jimmy Keech, 6 John Walker, 7 Philip Neville, 8 Peter Hooton, 9 John Dacre. Second row: 1 Penelope Griffin, 2 Patricia Reay, 3 Annette James, 4 Susan Baish, 5 Lorraine ..?.., 6 Sally Desborough, 7 Denise Freeman, 8 Janet Waller. Front row: Cathy Evans, 2 Kay Farrelly, 3 Elaine Underwood, 4 Denise Briggs, 5 Fiona Dent, 6 Susan Howard, 7 Kathryn Austin, 8 Maureen Clark

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