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Council Junior School
Mr Norton's Class c.1954

Burton Latimer Council School - Mr Norton's Class c.1954

This photo is said to date from about 1954. If you can identify the exact year for us, please get in touch.

Back row: 1. Alan Clark, 2. Clinton Thompson, 3. Alan (Babs) Evans, 4. Peter Tomlinson

Third row: 1. Clarence Gray, 2. Jimmy Desborough, 3. Keith Mitchell, 4. Martin Rose, 5. Isaac Whitelock, 6. Paul Cockayne, 7. Gordon Toseland, 8. Steve Swannell, 9. John Joyce.

Second row: 1. David Smith, 2. Derek Plowman, 3. Michael Elmore, 4. Cedric Bates, 5. Patrick Ambler, 6. Paul Miller, 7. Rodney Eady, 8. Lawrence Eady, 9. Peter Villette.

Front Row: 1. Sandra Austin, 2. Patricia Elliott, 3. Rita Starmer, 4. Barbara Lee (USA), 5. Sandra Spence, 6. Theresa Wallington, 7. Marion Hodson, 8. Shirley Benford, 9. Rosemary Loak.

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