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Council Junior School
Mr Norton's Class 1954

Burton Latimer Council School - Mr Norton's Class c.1954

Back row: 1. Malcolm Bellamy, 2. Paul Starmer, 3. Robert Pearce, 4. Paul Smith, 5. Mervyn Abbott, 6. Graham Templeton, 7. Roger Evans, 8. Gordon Mutton, 9. Roger Whitmee

Second row: 1. Melvyn Smith, 2. Tony Clarke, 3. Neil Osborne, 4. Rodney Carvell, 5. Mary Patterson, 6. Lesley Borman, 7. Susan Spriggs, 8. Eileen Stokes, 9. Derek Smith, 10. John Mills, 11. Ian Loake

Front Row: 1. Wendy Parsons, 2. Carol Whitney, 3. Celia Vilette, 4. Yvonne Bulmer, 5. Marion Smith, 6. Jill Thompson, 7. --?-- Bateman, 8. Barbara Ridgeway, 9. Valerie Muir, 10. Elaine Capps, 11. Pat Smith, 12. Christine Spriggs

If you can help us fill in the last missing first name, please get in touch.

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