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Council Junior School
Mr. White's Class 1955-6

We have Robert Gunn to thank for this photo, first seen on the Burton Latimer Heritage Facebook pages and Carole (Smith) O'Neill for almost all the names. If you know the only missing name please let us know.

Back row: L-R: 1 Edris Hull 2 Roy Smith 3 Graham Maddocks 4 John Cooper 5 Stuart Judd 6 Maurice Yeomans 7 Paul Sismey 8 Craig Ainge 9 Ivor Clifton

Second row: 1 Peter Oram 2 John Turner 3 Andrew Coles 4 Kenneth Parker 5 Michael Staley 6 Alan Whitney 7 Kevin Devine 8 Peter Beeby 9 Laurance Jolley 10 Paul Blott 11 Mr. Denis White

Third row: 1 Lynn Desborough 2 Carole Smith 3 Sheila Harris 4 Eileen Amos 5 Rosemary Riley 6 Ruth Noville 7 Lynette Thompson 8 Christine Sharman 9 Eunice Abbott 10 Helen Cope 11 Paddy Karley

Front row: 1 Jacqui Northern 2 Elaine Bates 3 Hilary Goldsmith 4 Mandy Lansom 5 Eileen Ratcliffe 6 Carol Haynes 7 Kathleen Prested 8 Carol Downing 9 .........? 10 Joyce Haynes

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